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Planning Ahead is Key

Planning ahead is key in helping you achieve your goals, below are some pointers on how to do this:

  • Talk to your GP – if you have a medical condition, are on any medication or have any concerns, discuss your plan with your doctor first.
  • Measure yourself – not just your weight but also your waist, your hips, the widest part of your thigh and your upper arm. As you get fitter and eat healthier your body shape will change, you may not lose weight every week, but you may see a difference in the other measurements. Taking photos along the way will also help with your motivation.
  • Create a weekly food and activity diary – The first step is to look at where you are and what you do now so that you can understand the aspects of your diet and fitness that you need to change. Write down or use an app to make note of everything that you eat and drink over a week to understand where some of the challenges are and where you are picking up a lot of calories, even when you are not hungry.
  • Plan your meals – work out what you are going to eat for the week in advance, create your shopping list and only buy the items on the list. Canned food and frozen vegetables and fish are often as good as fresh, this will reduce the amount of time that you have to go shopping, cut down on temptation and will also save you money.
  • Create quick & healthy meals for busy days and make enough so that you can have leftovers for lunch on the next day, or freeze for later in the week.
  • If you are going out for the evening, adjust your meals for the day and try and have grilled or steamed foods without creamy sauces.
  • Tell your family & friends, they can support you in your journey and provide motivation to help you keep going.