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Quick and Easy Swaps That Will Make a Difference

Here’s some easy swaps that you can make to your diet now that will have an impact on your weight loss and health:

  • Swap wholemeal for white – this applies to bread, wraps, pasta and rice
  • Swap sugary cereals with high fibre wholegrain e.g. Weetabix or porridge – if you need a little sugar you can control how much you have, or alternately add sweetness with berries or fruit
  • Swap bacon or sausage sandwiches with turkey bacon, eggs or tinned tuna – if possible make these at home and bring them with you to work so that you can control the amount of sauces added
  • If you always pick up a chocolate bar every time you go into the supermarket, try swapping fresh vegetables and fish for canned or frozen versions which are often as good, and will limit the number of times that you need to shop.
  • Swap potatoes with sweet potatoes
  • Swap fried food for grilled, poached, boiled or steamed
  • Swap fatty cuts of meat with a lean, skinless option
  • Swap full fat milk with either semi-skimmed milk or if possible skimmed milk
  • Swap the packet of crisps for a baked oven version
  • Swap your latte coffee with white coffee
  • Swap your snacks and deserts ideally for either fruit or a small handful of nuts, however if you can’t beat that craving for chocolate, try and have only a small piece and eat it slowly and consciously
  • If you are eating out, swap the full cream curry with a tikka dish with some sauce on the side (so that you can control how much you eat) or a stir fry
  • Swap home made food instead of processed, processed often contains hidden sugars and fats