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What Size Portion Should We Be Eating

We may feel sometimes that we are eating quite healthily however still do not lose weight – this could be down to the portion sizes that you are eating. The body often needs to consume less than we think. Portion size and food balance are two of the biggest issues for people looking to achieve a healthy weight. It’s just all too easy to overload the plate.

One way to minimise over eating is to use a smaller plate. A smaller plate not only limits the amount of food you can fit on, but it also tricks your mind into believing that you’ve eaten a bigger meal, by showing you a full smaller plate, rather than a half-full larger plate.

Another way to control your portion sizes is to think about a portion with respect to everyday objects. Some examples, which could help you to keep control of your portions, are shown below. These quantities may seem quite small from what you have at the moment, however over time you will adjust and you can also fill your plate with non-starchy vegetables like salad and tomatoes.

  • Meat & Poultry – The size of your palm
  • Fish & Tofu – The size of your hand
  • Cheese – The size of a matchstick box if part of a meal or an iPhone if your main protein for the meal
  • Pasta, Rice & Quinoa – The size of your fist
  • Potato – The size of a computer mouse
  • Cereal & Oats – small handful same as a tennis ball